Rainland Blog Tour Introduction

Hi everyone. Today is the first day of the blog tour for my newly published book. I have an excerpt for you to read. Enjoy!


Eerie silence. Dark sky. Unbearable heat. Air as stagnant as the water at the bottom of a well. No substantial shelter within miles.

An ominous feeling welled up inside of Thomas. Something bad was going to happen and it was going to—

A loud crash tore through the humid night as if it were ripping a gigantic hole through the sky. Immediately, torrents of angry rain poured from the clouds like a river cascading over a rocky cliff. Thomas, who was completely drenched the minute the rain reached him, was knocked off his feet by the force of the water. He stared into the sky in utter horror. An angry black cloud was rapidly rotating above him. A tornado! Frantically, Thomas tried to get to his feet, but the torrential rain was too strong and he soon gave up. Squeezing his eyes shut as tightly as he could, Thomas braced himself for the impact. The agonizing wait, while no more than five seconds, seemed to last forever. With a tremendous roar, Thomas was sucked into the swirling wind. Where was he going to land? The spinning stopped. He had landed on something solid.

“That’s not a cow!” screeched a high-pitched voice nearby.

“If it’s not a cow, what is it?” asked a second voice.

Thomas sat up and opened his eyes. Everything was spinning around him. He shook himself, trying to get rid of his dizziness. “W-where am I?” he sputtered thickly.

“You’ve entered the world of rain by the mistake of our captain,” grumbled the first voice, which he could now tell was coming from a rather large raindrop that was standing over him. “He thought you were a cow.”

“I-I don’t understand,” Thomas replied, bewildered.

“Well, first of all, let me introduce myself,” replied the first voice. “I am A Water. We are all raindrops. The captain is Captain H2O. Now, we all live in the clouds, but we do not have everything we need. When we need something, like a cow, we touch down on the ground and pick it up. Captain H2O thought you were a cow. That is why he directed us to pick you up.”

Thomas, still in a daze, looked around to see what he could make of his surroundings. There was an entire city in the clouds inhabited by thousands upon thousands of raindrops. There were railings all along the borders of the cloud as a feeble attempt to keep the raindrops from falling out. The hard surface on which he had landed was made of mismatched boards, worn from years of constant use. He could see massive staircases spiraling downward in multiple places on the deck-like floor of the cloud. He assumed they must lead to some sort of basement. It would not make much sense to build a stairway that led to the open sky.

As of this morning, Thomas had not imagined that raindrops could talk, let alone build a city. Turning his head, Thomas focused his attention back on the raindrop who had spoken to him earlier. “Now that you know I am not a cow, how am I going to get back home?”

“You’re not going home; not yet anyway,” the captain stated matter-of-factly, stepping forward and placing his glasses on the tip of his nose. “We need you.”

“W-what do you mean?” Thomas asked. Immediately, panic overwhelmed him as the realization hit him. He was trapped in an unknown world with absolutely no way out. He was helpless…at the mercy of an army of talking raindrops. He sank down with a groan of despair.

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