Rainland Cover Reveal

Hi everyone. Today I am revealing the cover for my new book which was designed by Perry Elisabeth Design. I don’t have a definite release date yet, but I am hoping it will be sometime in August.


About the book 

When Thomas gets caught in a summer storm, he is sucked into the world of raindrops through a tornado. He learns he will not be allowed to return until he can defeat the lightning, which has been hurling raindrops from the clouds. Many adventures await him in this strange land. Is everything just as the raindrops say it will be? Is it the lightning they need to defend themselves against, or is there a much greater foe behind the disturbing disappearances?



And here’s the Cover…




goodreads picture


Author Interview: Nicole Sager

Hi Everyone. Today I have an author interview with Nicole Sager to share with you.


Hi Nicole. Welcome to my blog. Will you please tell me a little bit about yourself?

-Thank you for hosting me, Sarah! I’m a homeschool grad in my late-20s living with my family in the Midwest. I’ve been writing stories for 15-16 years, and published my first book, The Heart of Arcrea, when I was 23. I love reading historical Christian Fiction, and coffee is my favorite beverage!


What do you like best about writing?

-I love watching the story unfold. I usually have an idea of where to start and where to finish, but the middle tends to come piece-by-piece as I pray for wisdom. I love watching God pull it all together, and I’m honored that He allows me to play a small part in putting it on paper. Also, I find that the spiritual lessons my characters are learning somehow mirror what I’m learning in my own life, so for me to watch the story come together is also to watch a life-lesson get resolved.


What do you find is the hardest thing about writing?

-Haha! Waiting for the story to unfold in my mind so I can write it! God is still teaching me patience, so it’s hard to wait on His timing when I want to get the story done now!


What do you hope people get out of reading your books?

-My prayer has been that God will use each book to somehow bless each reader; that He would use my books as a tool in touching lives and drawing at least one person to Christ for salvation. I hope readers are encouraged as they walk alongside the characters to cultivate godly attributes in their own lives, and inspired in their walk of faith.


What inspired you to write the Arcrean Conquest series and the companion books, Hebbros and Burdney?

-About the time I came up with the name Druet, and wanted to write a story about a hero who was also a blacksmith, my little brother came up with the name Arcrea, and told me I could use it in a story if I wanted to. The story sprouted from there and continued to grow as more characters and places were introduced, each with a tale of their own to tell! Some of them are still waiting in line, anxious to share their story with readers. Unfortunately, Miss Sager hasn’t been able to keep up!


If you could only have one of your books published, which one would you choose? Why?

-Ooooh!! Tough question! Let me see… If you’ve read any of my recent interviews you’ve see that, several times now, I called Burdney my favorite. A lot of “me” went into that one and it holds a special place in my heart. However! If I could choose only one to publish I think I would end up picking The Heart of Arcrea. My first published novel, there’s just something about “Heart” that draws me back to it again and again. I think it offers readers simple examples in developing character that are nevertheless powerful if put into practice. The entire Arcrean journey started with the Heart, and I think if the other stories had not been published, readers would still have the ability to build on it with their own imaginations!


Thanks again for hosting me, Sarah! I love connecting with readers through any of my social media pages, so click on a link below, Like or Follow my page, and if you’re on Pinterest join the fun on my Arcrea Group Board (comment so I can add you!). I look forward to hearing from you!